For the couple

As humans, we are all relational beings. We have an innate desire to connect. Within our intimate relationships, we seek to find comfort, support, happiness, and trust. Yet this is not always what we end up with. Each of us brings our own past experience and expectation to relationships, and sometimes this results in suffering, anxiety, and frustration, just to name a few negative outcomes. My intention in couples therapy is to provide a safe space where these items can be observed and discussed in effort to provide each partner with his/her own voice and ability to make decisions out of a space of respect and honor for one another. Together we will work to create a strong foundation upon which a successful and truly intimate relationship can blossom. 

A few areas of specialization in my couples work are relationships in recovery and codependency issues. When people become sober it opens up a world of possibility. They can now begin to rebuild their life and get back many of the things they have lost. Romantic relationships can be a great source of happiness in sobriety, but they can also be the source of great pain, and dealing with the aftermath of addiction in a relationship can be incredibly trying. It also becomes easy to lose oneself in the name of helping someone else or when dealing with a loved one's self-destructive behavior. I find that it is not only the recovering addict who needs support, but the partner as well in many ways.

These things being said, your relationship does not need to be in crisis to seek out couples therapy. Some couples simply desire a more passionate union with their partner. I enjoy working with couples to build greater intimacy and long-term happiness. We will cover the components of love relationships and helpful tools for connection to encourage stronger connection to help overcome sexual and emotional problems. 


Learn how to: 

  • Restore and build trust and respect
  • Identify unhealthy patterns and enact change
  • Maintain connection with your partner
  • Improve Communication Skills
  • Manage conflict
  • Enhance Intimacy
  • Apply tools to better manage the peaks and valleys of relationships
  • Explore personal issues that may be hindering deeper intimacy

Couples therapy can help improve common issues like:

  • Nagging undercurrents
  • Boring sex routines
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Constant bitter arguments
  • Pervasive relationship problems
  • Seperation or iminent divorce
  • Lack of desire
  • Extramarital affairs